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Dental Care

Did you know that dental disease is found in 4 out of 5 pets over the age of 3!


We all know the importance of looking after our own teeth but it is just as important to look after your pets teeth as well.  The introduction of a dental hygiene routine and selecting a suitable feed can help towards preventing dental disease.  


Signs of dental disease include: 

Bacterial overgrowth on teeth leading to plaque and tartar formation which causes discoloration of teeth.

Red or swollen gums (known as gingivitis).

Difficulty in eating and chewing food.

Loose teeth.

Smelly breath (halitosis).

Long term disease to weight loss.


Brushing Teeth


Both dog and cats require special brushes.  There are dog and cat toothpastes- either fish or poultry flavoured.  Human toothpaste should never be used as this can lead to problems with flouride toxicity.  If introduced at an early age many pets will tolerate teeth brushing well.  Finger brushes can be used at first and then progressing to tooth brushes once your pet is more accustomed to the routine.   We offer free nurse clinics at most of our branches where they can show you how to brush your pets teeth.

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Food Products

Diets such as Royal Canin Dental Veterinary diet and Hills T/D diet are both dry diets which have a specifically designed kibble sized to produce a mechanical brushing effect on the teeth.  These diets can be bought at all of our branches.