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Is your pet microchipped?

From 6th April 2016, your dog must be microchipped by law.


A microchip is a small implant placed under the skin, which contains an electronic code unique to your pet. Having your pet microchipped is the most effective way to ensure that your lost pet is reunited with you, as quickly as possible. And unlike a pet tag or ID collar, a microchip cannot be swapped and remains for the lifetime of your pet.


It’s not just dog owners who can benefit from having their pets microchipped. Here is the story of Alfie, who belongs to one of our vets here at Bath Vets.


Alfie’s story – a vet’s cat’s life


Alfie turned up as a stray in my first practice. He had clearly lost his collar, but he had no microchip, so despite many weeks of trying, it became clear that we weren’t going to be able to re-unite Alfie with his original owners. I’d become quite fond of our new black and white companion, so I had Alfie microchipped and bought him a new collar and took him home.


Alfie continued his straying habits, mostly following small children home from school, and sometimes he is returned using the details on his collar. However, more often than not, his escapades involve him losing his collar and then it is his microchip that has allowed him to be re-united with me from trips to our local church and supermarket, a fish and chip shop over a mile away and once he was even found curled up in a chair in the office area of a local removal company!

Alfie has now been our family pet for 8 years and we can’t imagine life without him!


Placing a microchip can be done in a 10 minute appointment by a vet or nurse and will cost just £20.00.


Ellie Sellers, MRCVS

Bath Vets