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Feeding for a healthy life

Good nutrition is as important for your pets as it is with us and, like human obesity in the Western World, pet obesity is also on the rise.  This is because a lot of pet foods are more 'fast food' than health food, with a lot of the brands available in the supermarkets falling into this category.    


We also tend to like treating our pets by giving them titbits in between meals- did you know that giving a chipolata sausage to a small dog is the same as a human eating a 12oz steak?!


At Bath Vets we advise that you feed a complete diet to your dog or cat and measure an exact amount that you feed your pet daily.  If you do want to give treats consider taking out a proportion of the weighed amount and use for treating, or consider a healthy alternative such as raw carrot.  A complete diet also ensures that your pet receives the correct nutrients that they need to live a long healthy life and it can also be a cost effective way of feeding your pet as they get exactly what they require without additional bulk.


As no two pets are the same we offer free nurse clinics to advise about feeding.  They will discuss feeding with you and will design a regime based on how much your pet weighs, how much exercise they get etc.  They will also be able to help you select the right food depending on their age, whether they are neutered or not, and any medical issues that should be considered.  Weight loss plans can also be designed should this be required.


We now offer cost price food on a variety of brands of food to all of our Pet Health Club members.  This can add up to substantial savings.  For example a medium sized dog might eat about eight 12kg bags of Royal Canin Neutered Adult dog food a year and by joining the Pet Health Club they will save almost £50 a year.  


Violet Ridge, RVN

Bath Vets